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Slip and Fall

Can slip and fall in the workplace be prevented?

Posted by on Feb 13, 2016 in Slip and Fall | 0 comments

Based on the data released by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), slip and fall never fails to make it in the list of the leading causes of death in U.S. construction sites every single year. This means that employers, employees, and other stakeholders still have a long way to go in completely eliminating slip and fall death in the construction industry. But, is it really possible to avoid slip and fall accidents in the workplace? A very simple answer is yes. However, doing so requires not just a simple yes. It requires your commitment to do these right things:

Hire right

According to WorkSTEPS, pre-hire tests could be important in the construction industry, as it may help employers select workers who are adept in meeting the demands set by the industry. And employers don’t have to worry about discrimination laws. Functional capacity assessments are specifically designed not to be discriminatory, which means assessments such as these will only have to evaluate areas that are directly related with how applicants will perform their jobs.

Plan right

Employers and employees should work hand in hand in planning to eliminate slip and fall risks in the workplace. Supervisors, for instance, should find ways on how to ensure that the job will be done safely. Employers and contractors, on the hand, should plan ahead what safety equipment to buy or rent to reduce slip and fall risks.

Equip right

According to the lawyers at Hach and Rose, workers should be equipped with fall protection equipment (FPEs) to keep slip and fall accidents in the workplace at bay. And FPEs should be heavily dependent on the project, too. For instance, a roofing endeavor would require a personal fall arrest system to keep construction workers safe.

Train right

Finally, employers and contractors should take initiative in increasing awareness about the potential dangers that may result in slip and fall accidents, and how to eliminate or reduce them. This can be done through regular safety training. Workers should also learn about the proper set up and use of safety equipment to avoid construction falls.

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