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Marriage Counselling

When do you need to consider marriage counselling?

Posted by on Feb 14, 2016 in Marriage Counselling | 0 comments

For some, divorce could probably be the healthiest and most practical way out of a marriage. But others still want to hold on to what they’ve got in order to save their relationship. According to Kathleen Snyder, counseling helps couples bridge the gap that made their relationship bitter, and recover whatever is lost in their relationship through positive and open communication. Marriage counselling has also been very helpful in these situations:

When the only thing that holds their relationship are the kids, or their friends/families

When couples feel that they no longer connect with each other romantically, that they are just roommates occupying the same house and nothing more, and that their relationship becomes more of an obligation to their children and the society, then they should consider seeking help from a professional. Austin marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder says on her website that children and society should never be the sole reason why a couple stays together. Rather, they should primarily stay together because of a relationship that’s healthy, positive, and founded in love.

When they no longer understand each other

Lack of communication could be the number one relationship buster, especially between married couples. If couples fail to communicate with each other in a manner that’s empathetic and considerate, they might forget how to compromise. With the help of a professional, they would be reminded that relationship works only if couples learn how to give and take.

When both of you are seriously considering divorce

While divorce could be good for some couples, this option could take a hard hit on some. For instance, deciding to live separately could harm either or both couples financially. The legal intricacies associated with divorce could also be an added stress for couples who are already undergoing an emotionally hard time. Finally, divorcing couples with kids should also agree with a child custody arrangement that would not profoundly impact their kids.

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